4 Habits of the Most Resilient People

FAST COMPANY featured an adapted excerpt from my book, Ready to Be a Thought Leader?

When the going gets tough, what makes some bounce back while others fizzle out? Resilient people fire the naysayers in their head, surround themselves with a “board of advisors,” get cozy with the unknown…Read More here.

The sad truth is, nobody’s life is perfect. When the going gets tough, what separates those who can hold their own and keep going, from everyone else? A few years ago, two former business school professors of mine, Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, author of Power, and Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, did an informal study of my Stanford MBA classmates to discern what factors were the most influential in determining which students had “made it” and which had not.

They were not looking for those who had made it as measured by dollars earned, but those who were most successful all around in achieving their goals and dreams. After eliminating many different factors, they landed on resilience as the one defining skill and behavior that allowed some to stand out from the rest. Keep reading here.

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