Are You An Amplifier?

If you’re like me, every day your mailbox overflows with invitations to conferences, requests to give to political campaigns and opportunities to get involved in local community activities. You receive information from entrepreneurs starting new businesses, executives launching new projects and former colleagues looking for new jobs. Your friends ask you to donate to their latest charity run or support their kid’s softball team. And you are regularly inundated with news and articles on any number of interesting topics.

Rather than hit the delete key, what if you were to look at each of these emails as an opportunity to be an amplifier – someone who curates, highlights and even shines the spotlight on the best ideas for the benefit of those around them?

Why be an amplifier? Because amplifiers build their credibility and visibility with people who matter. Rather than stay on the sidelines, they move the conversation forward. Rather than opposing progress, they smooth the way for others and build a reputation as someone who makes things happen.

Here are a few ways to tell if you are an amplifier…Read More.


This blog post first appeared on ChicCEO.

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