How to Break Out of the Pack and Inspire Others?

Anita Bruzzese, who writes for the Intuit blog The Fast Track, recently interviewed me about my new book, “Ready to Be a Thought Leader?.” So how do you break out of the pack and become a thought leader? Read the full interview here.


About Denise Brosseau

Denise Brosseau has the unusual role of being a thought leader about thought leadership. Her book, "Ready to Be a Thought Leader?" was published by Wiley (Jossey-Bass) in January, 2014. Today, she is the CEO of Thought Leadership Lab, a boutique professional services firm which specializes in building the visibility, credibility and thought leadership of executives and CEOs. Previously, she co-founded the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (now Watermark), Invent Your Future Enterprises and Springboard, the prestigious women’s startup launch pad that has led to over $6.9 billion in funding for women entrepreneurs. Find her at

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