Great Career Insurance: Become a Thought Leader

The career advice that many of us received from our parents, from our college career center, and even from our mentors and advisors is sadly out of date in today’s constantly-evolving world of work. It is no longer enough to work hard, dress for success or even find a job you love and are better at than most.

Today’s best career insurance is not just being smart and talented. It is becoming known for making a difference. That’s where thought leadership comes in.

What does that entail?

  • Become the ‘go-to’ person in your area of expertise
  • Add value with your experience, ideas and a unique point of view
  • Scale your impact from one group to many
  • Build friends, fans and followers to share your views
  • Bring about sustainable change

Does all that sound really overwhelming? Thought leadership begins with:

  • A sincere desire to make a difference
  • Developing the necessary skill set – speaking, writing, influencing, visioning
  • Contributing your expertise to enlighten others

Here are a few suggestions for where to start:

Curate: Become the person who scans for new industry information, selects a few key articles and shares them with the rest of the team

Amplify: Identify one trend per quarter and craft a blog post, article, podcast, or host a brown bag lunch to share your perspective on what’s ahead

Convene: Gather people from across your company or your industry that are focused on the same challenge that you are (increasing innovation, productivity, improving quality) and share best practices and ideas on a monthly or quarterly basis.

For more ideas, please listen to my recent webinar with the Society of Women Engineers.

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