Is Billion the New “B” Word for Women?

Maybe it's time to adopt a new "B" word for women - Billion.

When I first started out in my career, oh-so-many years ago, women were rarely found among the top leadership of organizations. Those who had achieved that lofty status were frequently labeled with one of two dreaded “B” words: bossy or bitchy.

Since then, society has seen a widespread effort to reframe the word bossy, with the Ban Bossy campaign, and anyone with any sense has stopped calling women bitches—at least to their faces.

That got me thinking. Maybe it’s time to adopt a new “B” word for women: Billion. After all, there are more women billionaires than ever before, and more women building billion-dollar businesses. There are now women investing in billion-dollar opportunities, women’s organizations helping women entrepreneurs raise billions of dollars and women impacting over a billion lives. It is indeed the era of the billion. Read more.

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