5 Key Components of Great Posts (on LinkedIn)

There are so many times every day that I see great articles/blog posts, but so few times that the author does a great job of creating a winning piece. There is one article shared on LinkedIn today that has all the right components. I’d give it an A+.

Here’s the link: Can Angela and Tim Create Apple 3.0 or Not

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You’re Fired! When An Entrepreneur SHOULD Fire A Client

I fired a client this week.

I cannot remember the last time I had to do this, but it was for MY own good.

Usually, when I have new clients, I can’t wait to begin our work together and I look forward to each of our conversations and the work that I can do to move them forward.

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3 Tips To Get You Started on Your Path to Thought Leadership

I was on the phone today with a new client — a woman who runs a large trade association. During the 2 years since she was hired, she has had her head down focusing internally. Now, with the organization on a sound financial footing, she’s ready to be a part of the larger conversation in her field – to “be the voice for this sector.” She has a chance to build the organization’s credibility in their community and get “a seat at the table where decisions are being made.”

Like most leaders of organizations she admitted she has some challenges to overcome: she is not a great public speaker,

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The Magic of the Mastermind

Every entrepreneur and executive needs a safe place to test their ideas and expand their thinking. Is it time to join a mastermind?

This weekend, I participated in a magical retreat on the shores of Morro Bay in Southern California. The combination of a squadron of pelicans, pods of porpoises and a plethora of fascinating people definitely made this a weekend to remember.

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What is Thought Leadership?

What is thought leadership anyway? Let’s start with what it’s not…

I was on the phone with an acquaintance yesterday talking excitedly about my favorite topic — thought leadership — when she stopped me in my tracks with a simple question. What is thought leadership?

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5 Tips to a Better Talk

What’s the secret to creating a great talk? Follow the grandma rule, remember to ‘stick and click’ and don’t hesitate to repeat your top messages.

I made a mistake last month, (ok, probably more than one), but one that I want to talk about here. I gave a talk at a local company about my new book that kinda bombed.

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Write to Change the World

Is it time to claim your expertise, step into the spotlight and join the conversation?


Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an excellent one-day training, “Write to Change the World” from the folks at the OpEd Project. Katie Orenstein and her team are on a mission to get more women’s voices onto the OpEd pages and sites like the Huffington Post and Wikipedia.

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Where Are All the Women Entrepreneurs?

Sure women start lots of companies. But where are the big, world-changing businesses run by women?

I get this question all the time: Where are all the women entrepreneurs? I guess the people who ask figure that I should know: I’m the co-founder of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and co-founder of the Springboard Venture Forums,

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3 Ways to Expand Your Future

By connecting with people who face hurdles similar to yours, you can vastly expand the possibilities for your own future.

Books about innovation fascinate me because they help me understand how people come up with new, world-changing ideas. At the top of my pile is Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From.

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Leaders: Is It Time to Lighten Up?

The world of business just might be better off if we encouraged a bit more fun at work.

I do a lot of coaching of senior executives and recently I’ve been noticing a trend.

Too much seriousness.

You would normally think that we would want executives who are serious of purpose,

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