Ready to Be a Thought Leader? Conversation with TIE SV

Recently, I was invited to join the TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Silicon Valley community to give a talk about my recent book, Ready to Be a Thought Leader?. I’ll admit I was surprised by the wonderful turn-out and delighted by the level of engagement. Watch the video here to share in the conversation.

TIE members are some of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the Valley, yet they too struggle with the notion of putting their ideas out in the world in a big way. Whether it be cultural norms that say you shouldn’t brag or family norms that say women should take a second seat to her husband, I learned that the Indian culture is not that encouraging to those who want to establish their platform beyond their role as a CEO.

We agreed that of the best ways to overcome these barriers is to hold on to our greater purpose – our imperative – to make a difference, to bring about sustainable change in our companies or our communities and to leave a legacy that matters.

After all, thought leadership is not just about being known, it is about being known for making a difference.

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