Recipe For A Successful Thought Leader

Ever wondered what it takes to create a successful thought leader? Here is my recipe, inspired by my friend, the fabulous ‘frock-leader’ Suzie Woodward Morris.


In a Large-Capacity Mixing Bowl, Whisk Together:

  1. 1 Whole-Hearted Leader
  2. 1 Open Mind
  3. 4 Cups of Desire To Make a Difference
  4. Daily Sprinkling of Confidence
  5. 4 Cups of Commitment, Firmly packed
  6. 2 Cups of Respect for Others
  7. 1 Gallon of Ideas
  8. 3 Pints of Process Thinking
  9. 2 Lbs. of Resilience – or – Substitute 2 Bullet Proof Vests for Head and Heart

In a Separate Container, Sift Together:

  1. 2 Cloves of Creativity
  2. Several Bunches of Humor
  3. 7 Cups of Energy
  4. 2 Handfuls of Honesty
  5. A Peck of Possibility Thinking
  6. 4 Cups of Collaboration
  7. 2 Gallons of Thinking Big
  8. 1 Liter of Love of Learning
  9. 1 Accountability Partner – or – Substitute 1 Mastermind Group
  10. 2 Cups of Self-Acceptance (not optional)

Gently Fold In:

  1. 1 Heaping Cup of Patience
  2. 7 Tablespoons of Happy Thoughts
  3. Daily Sparks of Innovation
  4. Add 1 Barrel of Laughter and Fun (whenever possible)

Fold whole-hearted leader mixture into the sifted ingredients and blend until smooth.  Pour into a well-oiled pan and simmer until bubbling merrily.

Glaze with liberal amounts of communication skills, then sprinkle heavily with a sense of adventure.

Makes 1 generous portion well worth sharing.

Freezes well and can be reheated after renewal rituals and sleep.

Best served with chocolate.


Please share this recipe with others and I welcome your comments below!

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