Want to Be a Thought Leader? Cultivate an Amplifier Attitude

People often ask me how to become a thought leader – should they start a blog or begin Tweeting? Instead, I recommend that they develop a thought leadership lens, an amplifier attitude and a committed community.

What do I mean by that?

Develop a Thought Leader Lens

To me the difference between a leader and a thought leader comes down to codifying and replicating. Leaders are searching out the next hill to take while thought leaders are laying down a path behind and beside them so that others can take the journey after and with them.

To be a thought leader, you must regularly think about what you’ve done and what others can learn from your (and your team’s) experiences. Like leaders, your lens must be both backward-looking – what worked and what didn’t work — as well as forward-looking – what would I do differently the next time and what’s ahead?

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